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Data Ingestion


   12 January


   5 Minutes 

Data Ingestion

The 7 Data trends of 2023

As we approach 2023, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in these areas.

In our recent Livestream, we focused on data management and how Shapelets stands out compared to other tools.You can watch the live demonstration in the video above.


Loading & Querying large datasets

Introducing Shapelets, a platform for data scientists that allows you to digest and manipulate large datasets in the most efficient way.

In our recent Livestream, we focused on data management and how Shapelets stands out compared to other tools.You can watch the live demonstration in the video above.


ROI optimization in data science workflows

What are the important factors to consider when optimazing ROI data science?

This article will explore why ROI optimization in data science workflows for businesses is important and how it can be done in order to get the best results from your team.

Data Apps

How do Data Apps work?

Create a rich data visualization

Have you ever struggled to create rich visualizations moving from tool to tool to extract valuable insights from your data?

Well, you´ve come to the right place!


Behind the Data Scientist, introducing Daniel Ruiz

Data Scientist & Reasearcher in the Complex Systems Group

Today, we inmerse ourselves in a passionate sector: Football! And we asked Daniel Ruiz Antequera to join us and explain a bit what are the main challenges for Data Science in the football and sports sector.


5 Ways your finance team can benefit from data science

Data science for business intelligence and finance


Today, we share with you five reasons why data science can be a valuable asset for your finance department. As you know, we in Shapelets love to find new innovative solutions to help businesses achieve success. Let’s bring some context first.


Behind the Data Scientist, introducing Matthew Kirk

Principal Machine Learning Scientist at Zeitworks


Today, we are very happy to be joined by Matthew Kirk, Principal Machine Learning Scientist at Zeitworks. He has an extensive professional experience in delivering value-added AI/ML solutions.

In this interview, we discuss the main challenges data scientists face when providing solutions and insights to third parties. We also highlight that including the community in our data science efforts is essential, and also the importance of their contributions. Don’t miss it and have a look at the video below!

Use Case

Use Case: How to detect anomalies for predictive maintenance in industrial equipment.

Use case

The sensitization of mechanical and industrial proceses is gradually increasing. This is mainly due to the availability and cost reduction of sensors, and widespread use of networks.

This provides plant managers with more frequent and more detailed information about the current state of the equipment and the process itself. Hence, it allows a greater degree of control over the quality of an industrial process, its resulting products as well as the health of the machine used.


Behind the Data Scientist, introducing Nacho Rodríguez

Global Led Data Scientist at Vodafone Business


Today, we are very happy to be joined by Nacho Rodríguez Solís, Global Lead Data Scientist at Vodafone Business. Nacho is also a professor at IE school of science and technology and ESIC business & marketing school.

During this interview, we discuss the key skills and challenges data scientists face in their daily work, and much more! Don't miss it!

Use Case

Use Case: Energy price forecast with Shapelets

Use case

The accurate forecasting of energy prices is crucial for the orientation of the energy market and can guide policymakers and market participants, such as businesses and individuals.

In this use case, we will explore how Shapelets accelerated platform can be used to improve price prediction. We will use historical energy price data together with energy generation data to find out how energy consumption and production are related.


Shapelets: The ultimate Data Ingestion and Visualization tool for getting the most out of your data.


Your data deserves the best, and the Shapelets platform provides a complete solution for ultra-fast data ingestion and visualization. Moreover, it is an enterprise-grade solution that can be used by any company that needs to process big data.


Behind the Data Scientist, introducing Adrián Carrio


Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Adrián Carrio, our Lead Data Scientist at Shapelets. Adrián has also co-founded ThermoHuman and Dronomy, and he is the author of more than 30 scientific publications and one patent.

Data Science

Here´s why Data Visualization is Key to Data Scientists


Data Visualization is a common graphical representation process used to map out information. Visualizing data is a helpful way to make it accessible and understandable to everyone. This is done by using visual tools including charts, graphs and maps.

Today, we are surrounded by huge data from all the aspects of life, be it social, technical, personal or medical. So, to deal with it data scientists take various steps to transform that data into a usable form so that it can be used by everyone. Data visualization is one of the ways this is done. After all, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, the same goes with data.


Behind the Data Scientist, introducing Matías Ávila


or this first interview, we are joined by Matías Ávila, who is a Data Scientist at IKEA and a Machine Learning Lecturer at the University of Navarra Big Data Science Master Degree.

Today, we will discuss the different backgrounds of data professionals, the challenges they face, and the skills they use on a daily basis.

Data Science

How businesses can use data to create smarter services

Smart service

The explosion in data growth has sparked a new industrial revolution, with companies taking the information and using it to build smarter services that help us understand and navigate the world around us.

Data Science

Data Science roles in the energy industry

Energy & Utilities

Data science is an area of constant change. In the field of artificial intelligence, deep learning models have recently become very popular for their accuracy.

Use Case

Predict your Customer Churn

Use case

With this use case, we present a toy example of the construction of a simple data analysis solution aimed towards behaviour analysis using Shapelets. In particular, we are interested in the factors that influence the decision of churning in bank customers.


How Big Data helps human resources build employee retention strategies.

Big Data: the key to retaining talent in companies and improving productivity. 6 uses for HR departments to get the most out of data analysis.

It is no longer news that Big Data has managed to demonstrate its effectiveness and usefulness in all industries and sectors, reaching areas as diverse as the economy, the environment or health.


Machine learning is the most used technology by Spanish companies

Spain exceeds the European Union average in the application of Artificial Intelligence in business.

A percentage that, although it may seem small, we in Shapelets value as it shows how companies have been able to recognize the potential of this technology in a short time and reflects the enormous growth margin that Artificial Intelligence has in Spain.


Smart Data focuses on the quality and efficiency data has for companies

Companies collect a great volume of information that increases day by day. In fact, it is estimated that the volume of data generated worldwide will exceed 180 zetabytes in 2025 and, according to Seagate, that same year 75% of the world’s population will have an interaction that will generate data every 18 seconds, so the volume of information will force businesses to increase their speed of data ingestion and analysis.


Repsol joins forces with Shapelets to support our business expansion

We are delighted to share that Repsol is joining forces with Shapelets. This collaboration agreement will allow us to accelerate our growth at a national and international level.


How to use AI on eComerce to boost sales

Christmas campaign

Ecommerce companies are using AI and data science to boost their sales campaigns.
Artificial Intelligence is getting accepted among society and applied daily in the business field. In fact, eCommerce companies are using AI to boost their sales campaigns. A good example of this application is the last Christmas campaign.


Data Trends

The 2022

World is changing rapidly. Some trends are predictable because they’re based on fundamental economic, political, social and technological changes that have been going on for a long time. Other trends are unpredictable. In either case, if you want your business to be successful in 2022, you need to look ahead and make some informed guesses about what the world will be like then.


Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst…

What is the difference between all the data professionals?

World is changing rapidly. Some trends are predictable because they're based on fundamental economic, political, social and technological changes that have been going on for a long time


Adrián Carrio

The day of a Data Scientist on a Start-up

Today, we see what a data scietists does in a day at a a start-up. And who is better to tell us than our in-house data scientists Adrián Carrio?

He’s a seasoned professional with an interest in drones and the writer of two of our phenomenal use cases so far.


Going Bare

Shapelets is building in public

Shapelets is a relatively young company with big ambitions. We want to be the software of reference for data environments, taking the whole process from the data scientist to the business person. However, Rome was not built in a day.


Big Data

5 must-have features of a data analytics platform

Shapelets, a platform specialising in Data Science, lists the features that an analytics platform must have so that data scientists can take their work to the next level


Volcanic Eruption Prediction

Can upcoming geological events be?

Shapelets, a platform specialising in Data Science, lists the features that an analytics platform must have so that data scientists can take their work to the next level


Predict your churn with Shapelets

Do you want to predict your churn?

There’s a lot of data that can help you make smart decisions about your business. But sometimes it’s hard to decipher how useful that data is. Luckily, there’s a …


Matrix Profile Algorithm

An approximation

When it comes to data science, the ability to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently is essential. That’s where Matrix Profiles can be useful. By combining the power of recursively mapping data with the ability to incorporate third-party information…


Build Data Apps in the Shapelets platform

Webinar: Shapelets Platform

Data science has exploded in recent years. It’s become a fundamental part of every major company and every hobby. Join us as we explore the possibilities of creating data-driven apps. Data is often a more powerful tool than programming, and Shapelets …


Five problems data scientists face

Business Environmentt

In the last few years, data has become one of the most important things a company can have. So much so, that according to a study of Cap Gemini, 83% of the businesses that have data are able to monetize it…

Old Post

Berkeley University Students Get To Work With Shapelets

Within the last few years, we’ve taken a great deal of time and efforts to work with all different kinds of users to get a first-hand experience of the ways they interact with a product and how we can improve our product and get feedback from them. 

Why reporting is one of the main skills of a data scientist

We are now when people expect quality data and want to find it instantly. Data scientists needs to have a deep understanding of the data to deliver insights to businesses. 

Data Science For Business: A Brief Guide

Data science is a buzzword that has been thrown around lately. You might be wondering how can it help your business?

Inveready invests €1M in Shapelets

The capital expansion will facilitate the distribution of technology, the launch of the platform to the market…

The Future of Time-Series Data

“We must learn from the past to build a brighter future.” There are many famous quotes reiterating the idea that to create …

Introducing Shapelets

Two and a half years ago, Shapelets was started with the goal of creating the best piece of software to manage and analyze time-series data..

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